The Art Cake Experience School

Online Cake and Gelatine School for beginners, bakers, gelatin artists, and cake design enthusiasts.

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The Art Cake Experience School is a FUN, CREATIVE, EASYGOING, place that teaches everyone; bakers, cake decorators and gelatin artists techniques to make their sweets look beautiful.

I believe desserts can be pretty, can be artistic, and everyone can learn to do it.

It is the place to begin the sweet journey of cake design and gelatin decoration. Let me show you easy ways to decorate cakes, make gorgeous gelatins and learn or review baking techniques.

Here, all bakers, gelatin decorators, and cake enthusiasts will also learn how to become teachers and share their knowledge with others.

Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, gelatins, sugar paste modeling; nothing is left out of this sweet school.

My Goal

It is to help everyone; beginners, bakers, cake decorators, gelatine artists and cake enthusiasts to review the basics, learn techniques and overcome their teaching fears and struggles


For all to achieve great results on the decoration of their cakes and gelatines and also become teachers of their crafts.


With the help of my tutorials, pictorials, classes, courses, and more!