The Art Cake School

Let me welcome you to the world of sugar paste modeling

Learn how to make edible cake toppers and figures using sugar paste to decorate your cakes. For all levels, I´ll teach you all that I know in step-by-step videos, classes and tutorials.

Sugar Paste Modeling Classes and Tutorials

You can find both FREE and paid classes where you´ll learn how to use sugar paste to create beautiful edible cake toppers, show pieces and decorations for your cakes.

Coaching for Cake Artists

Book a coaching session with me to help you with your time management, social media posting, teaching your craft as a cake artist, mindset towards your business and be part of an international cake community, cake collaborations and cake competitions.

Cake decoration, Gelatin art, and other treats

Other sweet treats for you like floral gelatin art, gelatin decoration, cookies, and cake pops as well. as recipes and some basic tips for baking your cakes.

Listen to The Art Cake Coach Podcast

A podcast for cake artists, cake decorators, bakers, and cake enthusiasts to help them with their time management, social media posting, and mindset towards their business, teaching their craft and helping them be part of an international cake community, cake collaborations, and cake competitions.

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Want to be part of our International cake community?

Join Cake Friends Stay Creative

This is my Facebook group created during the pandemic to keep our community together and creative during hard times. Now is an international cake community of over 6k members from around the world.

Find live demos, cake collaboration, and much support from your fellow cake artists.

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Be part of my private FB coaching group, full of tips and tricks to improve your cake business and social media presence, and improve your mindset towards your business and teaching techniques.

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